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Differences Between Sanitary Ball Valves and Ordinary Ball Valves
Posted: 07/26/2021 16:28:53  Hits: 20
First, what is a ball valve? 
The ball valve is one kind of valve whose opening and closing parts (the ball) are driven by the valve stem, and it rotates around the axis of the valve stem. It is mainly used for cutting off or connecting the medium in the pipeline. It can also be used for fluid regulation and control. The characteristic is that the speed of full opening and full closing is fast.
The sanitary ball valve is made of stainless steel 304SS or 316 with standard electronic polishing. It is sure that the smooth surface is clean, and there is no medium accumulation area. There will be no potential pollution which can be produced. It can meet the special requirements of various media in the field of food and biological pharmaceuticals. The sanitary valve is smooth and seamless and the automatic handicraft to drain fluid channel is very suitable for the steam step. The threads, flanges, welding, clamps, sleeves and other forms can be selected according to the project situation as for the connection ways of sanitary valves. The sanitary ball valve is an all-inclusive ball seat design, which solves the problem of liquid retention in the valve cavity. It is suitable for biomedical engineering. The stem seal design has many advantages, such as long life and small torque. What's more, it can be used at high temperatures for a long time. The valve body can be replaced regardless of the connection mode.
The features of sanitary ball valves: 
1. It is made of SUS304, 316L, which can meet the special requirements of food and biological pharmacy field.
2. It has smooth, seamless, automatic emptying handicraft fluid channels which are also very suitable for the need of in-place cleaning. In the manufacturing process, quality control is conducted according to the FDA requirements. The computer 3D design is used and it is made for the GMP requirements.
3. It can meet the special requirements of all kinds of media in food and biopharmaceutical fields, and its smooth, seamless, automatic emptying handicraft fluid channel is also very suitable for steams and other CIP in-place cleaning needs.

The differences between sanitary ball valves and ordinary ball valves:
1. Sanitary ball valves: The valve body material of sanitary ball valves can only adopt 304SS, 304L or 316, 316L. It will be treated specially after the completion of the production and processing. The valve material of industrial valves can adopt the material of cast iron, cast steel, ductile iron, stainless steel and a wider range of materials. The use environment of the sanitary valve is very high in the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical industry and so on. And these products are edible or direct contact with the human body, therefore it requires very high sanitary conditions of the production of some machinery. 
Ordinary valves: The steel, iron, copper and other materials can not meet the standards for the valve body material of ordinary valve materials. First of all, if we use steel and iron as the valve body materials, it will rust in relatively high liquid or air humidity. Then the whole product will be polluted. And the situation will be the same if the copper is used as the valve body material. Moreover, the copper rust is toxic. Therefore, it can not be used as a sanitary valve.
2. The surface of sanitary ball valves is treated by electronic polishing. It is sure that the smooth surfaces are clean. There is no medium accumulation area. It will not produce potential pollution. The models of industrial valves are customised generally based on the use requirements. It is mainly used in the high temperature and high pressure working environment. It has a long service life and flexible operation. Although the appearance and internal parts of ordinary ball valves are not cleaner and more beautiful than that of sanitary ball valves, the sanitary ball valve can not replace the ordinary ball valve in many places.
3. As for the connection ways, the sanitary ball valve generally adopts clamp quick installation with the thread. While the industrial valves are connected by flanges and threads with quick installation, welding and so on.
4. The sanitary ball valve is a kind of smooth stainless steel instrument processed by precision equipment. The structure characteristics of sanitary ball valves make it have small fluid resistance, long service life and good sealing performance. It is generally used in biological engineering, food and other industries. The sanitary ball valve has higher requirements for the health level than ordinary ball valves.