Center Line Butterfly Valve

As a member to cut off or regulate flow on pipeline system, center line butterfly valve has already been widely applied in petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy and hydropower. The structural feature of center line butterfly valve is that axis of valve rod, center of disc and center of body are in the same position. The butterfly valve has simple structure and convenient for manufacturing. Based on structural styles, center line butterfly valve can be classified into offset butterfly valve, perpendicular butterfly valve, skew butterfly valve and lever butterfly valve.
Based on sealing types, center line butterfly valve is classified into soft sealing butterfly valve (rubber sealing ring) and hard sealing butterfly valve (metal sealing ring).
wtf pass provides center line butterfly valve having different dimensions: ductile cast iron/stainless steel/aluminum bronze, API/EN/DIN, 4 inch/60 inch/DN80, 600LB, flanged/welded/butt-welded .
Other dimensions also can be provides. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: [email protected].

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