Ball Valve

A ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball also called as a “floating ball” to control flow through it. It is opened when the hole of ball is in line with the flow and closed when it is pivoted 90-degrees by the valve handle. The handle lies flat in alignment with the flow when opened and is perpendicular to it when closed, making for easy visual confirmation of the valve’s status. 
In China, ball valve is widely applied in petroleum refining, long-distance pipelines, chemical engineering, papermaking, pharmacy, water conservancy, power, urban construction and steel, playing a key role in national economy. 
According to structural features, ball valve is classified into: floating ball valve, trunnion mounted ball valve, multi way ball valve.
According connection, ball valve is classified into: flanged ball valve, fully welded ball valve and socket welded ball valve, ring type jointed (RTJ) ball valve.
According to materials used for body, ball valve is classified into casting ball valve, forged ball valve, stainless steel ball valve, etc.

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